Monday, July 3, 2017

What's Hot at #ISTE17 - @FlipGrid

I've caught #FlipgridFever. Flipgrid is a web-based tool for sharing a quick video. Grids hold the topics that can be responded to with a link and a browser, or the app on a phone. Follow the link to my ISTE17 Grid is below if you want to respond, or just lurk to look at others' responses. What's great for teachers is that the smart minds at Flipgrid have a free version for teachers, Flipgrid One with one grid, which is available to teachers.

So how could you use Flipgrid in a classroom? Here are some ideas:
  • Welcome message to students and responses with their introductions
  • Answering a question about a text, experiment, or math problem
  • Stating a claim with evidence, for other classmates to respond to
  • Getting teachers to respond to a concern within a school
There are plenty more ideas, I'm sure. What do you think? 

Respond to this link to a Flipgrid topic to share your ideas:

Maybe you will catch #FlipGridFever too! If so, you might want to become a Flipgrid Certified Educator. Check out this Flipgrid Blog Post for more information.

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