Thursday, July 9, 2015

Infographics - Tweet and Ye Shall Find

Understanding Infographics is an item on my personal quest list for the summer. On the same day that I added a blog post, I saw a tweet about Infographics from Kathy Schrock. The link she provided is chock full of resources, links, examples, and suggestions.

Here's the link to the site: I think I'll be nibbling at this and digesting for some time. Thanks, Kathy for all your work!


  1. Interesting Judy! Thanks for sharing... I've yet to come across an easy to use - free - way to create infographics. As I suspect I'd like to create one for a project that I am working on right now.

    1. Be sure to share back your infographic once you make it. Maybe I should make one about Blogging!

  2. Schrock is great. I linked to her as well. Love her stuff and share what you find with infographics. I'm a big fan.